Our Journey - By Paul DiCamillo

For those of you that are reading this poem and joined together on this Earth

You will each play an important part of the awakening and of its new birth

You may have a situation or outcome that is difficult to see

But you must know that this all serves its purpose, a great inspiration to this world you will be

We ask that you muster all of your strength and your courage to join us and the others

Many are here for your support; all of us are your sisters and brothers

Your future is bright, abundant, simple, and care-free

All of you here have many important things yet to do, that’s a promise from me

Support for our health and well-being is abundantly clear

And in no time at all, we will have nothing to fear

Continue to do unto others, and be grateful for what life brings

Take time to enjoy nature and all of its wondrous things

Be open and honest, kind and forgiving

And know that there is much more than just this, each of our souls keeps on living

Understand that as your life unfolds, it becomes what you make it

Do not worry about your past or its struggles, concentrate on the present

Live only in joy and make life simple and fun

Recognize that we are all connected and united together as one

Take care of your health and well-being, in mind, body and soul

Set aside time for those things that which make you whole

Love should go out to all, unconditional and free

Continue to be an example for others, be all you can be

Rise up as a whole, and start making some positive changes

Share your stories of love and inspiration, as you make your exchanges

So take this experience with you as your travels take you far and wide

And try to never forget your family and friends, who are there by your side

As time comes to pass and our Personal Legends are passed down and told

Remember these extraordinary times, and our quest together as it unfolds

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