Paul DiCamillo, The SuperFood Alchemist, is a successful business owner and entrepreneur in the area of holistic health and wellness. He received his certification as a Holistic Cancer Educator from the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education and is a certified Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor. His journey began after acquiring and struggling with many different diseases and ailments including psoriasis/eczema, allergies, Candida, fungus, parasites, MRSA, strep, staph, and cellulitis. Through his own research and various lifestyle changes including positive thinking and an 'Every Calorie Counts' SuperFoods diet he reversed and holistically cured these symptoms and believes it’s possible for others to do the same.

As we all know it is vitally important to accept responsibility for keeping our bodies fed with more natural, wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. Notice what you are eating as if your life depends on it, for it does. The increasing number of many chronic conditions can be directly traced to poor diet and lack of nutrition. Life’s biggest complications are those that present themselves when the spirit, the mind, and the body are not in an optimal state of conditioning. Part of my purpose is to get everyone’s body in that optimal state of well-being by eating Superfoods high in micronutrients so that we can avoid the horrible pain and emotional suffering that various diseases cause, and the financial worries that accompany them. Our health care system costs too much, it excludes far too many people, and it does not promote health and prevent disease.  If nutrition and detox were better understood, and prevention and natural treatments were more accepted in our medical community, our doctor’s would not be pouring so many toxic, potentially lethal drugs into our bodies. Eastern medicine alleviates the symptoms but does nothing to address the fundamental causes of our illnesses. I realized first hand that our doctor’s and dermatologist’s treatment decisions are made on the basis of money, not our health or wellness. We need to take our personal health and wellness into each of our own hands because we have so much more to do and others that we will be helping. As always, health and well-being to all.

Paul is the creator, owner, and operator of We Are SuperFoods. The vision of SuperFoods is to provide high quality organic nutrient dense food in a positive, fun and educational environment inspiring a revolution of optimal health and well-being. It’s Paul’s personal belief that when we individually and collectively focus our thoughts, feelings, and actions toward the positive things in life then we have the power to restore our mind, body, and spirit as well as every broken system that exists today.