I am compelled to share about my experience with Paul and the SuperFoods concept.  At first it seemed that it would take great effort to incorporate the changes into my daily routine.  Paul is the best person to put you at ease and introduce tasty AND nutritious juices, meals and snacks which totally remove the hesitation and you forget it is "healthy" because everything is so DELICIOUS!
His enthusiasm gets your attention and the next thing you know -- you want to know more about the how, where and "more please!" And to top it all off after you have the foods or hear his talk, you already feel better and are ready to continue having this great experience!
I always enjoy the build up to the inevitable questions: "Where are you located?  Are you having classes?  Can we get more?"
The best part of all is his heartfelt intention that EVERYONE should, can and will be well. And he will keep you inspired with the SuperFoods concepts and RESULTS!
-Dianne Bivins


I have known Paul for a while now , and have had the pleasure of eating some of his food that he has made from scratch. I would have to say I give it A plus . We are in need of more healthy foods coming to our area. I would gladly travel to Paul’s for his great tasting food . Sincerely Jane D'Ambrosio


Paul, the owner of SuperFoods, talked to me about 2 years ago about the benefits of taking daily superfood smoothies.  He suggested that I purchase a NutraBullet, which i did.  For weeks i kept it in the box.  Then one day Paul invited me to his location and showed me HOW to use the Nutribullet to make healthy smoothies.  By showing me HOW to use it and what to put in it i was encouraged to rush home and try it.  It was amazing.  I found that it was the perfect meal replacement.  Also, I noticed that the aging spots on the back of my hands have gradually disappeared.  I would highly recommend green smoothie drinks to anyone who would like to enhance their life to have better health. - Mary I


In regards to why Superfoods are so important: Paul I am writing to tell you that the gluten free superfoods and ingredients you offer the public are so crucial ,from Smoothies, juices, Salads, quinoa kale meals, protein bars and snacks! Wow! What a lifestyle to offer people. I myself chose to become Vegetarian 4 years ago and have dropped 80 pounds. I feel so much healthier eating Superfoods. I love foods with dark leafy greens, super seeds like chia, black seeds, hemp seeds and goji berries. Paul, the knowledge base and experience you have regarding SuperFoods is incredible. We will ALL together build the word of importance of SuperFoods and one day fast food places won’t be around any longer. I look forward to seeing you in a new place offering All Good Stuff and Goodness! - Sherre Freed


"I've never really felt I've been great at eating the right things, so when I heard of Paul and what he was doing with Superfoods, I really paid no mind. Then he had me try some of the food, and I can honestly say, I don't think I've ever eaten a meal that tasted so wonderful and that only put the good stuff into my body! He got me to eat things I never would've dreamed of eating, and it wasn't "just ok", it was phenomenal. The Superfoods line has been a real game changer for me, and I look forward to continually shaping what I eat to incorporate more of Paul's fantastic foods and recipes. There's no price on better health." - Jesse Gruber


As SuperFood's photographer, I was able to sample recipes made fresh in the SuperFoods kitchen after our photo shoot. The recipes were delicious and healthy. I watched as they were made from only quality, allergy-safe ingredients.

I am one to always choose the healthier option. I go out of my way to be sure I am eating the best of all ingredients. As an allergy/food sensitivity sufferer, I know what it can be like when eating outside of my home and unable to find a meal that won't throw my healthy lifestyle off balance. I would choose SuperFoods over all my other options as a busy working mom, running to softball games and kid's activities, I'd feel better feeding my children these dishes over any fast food choices.

It is important that healthy foods also be full of taste as well as healthful ingredients and SuperFoods has many great recipes. I even tried re-creating those dishes at home when I found myself wanting the energy and full feeling I got from the SuperFoods meals.

Thank you for your time,

Nicole Albertson



You are a visionary!  What you are so passionately hoping to establish (and no doubt will accomplish,) thru We Are SuperFoods, is the wave of the future.  Individuals and families will have an eatery that promises healthy, non-gmo, organic foods that will actually nourish them and taste great!. They will be able to eat out safely…the way they are doing within their own homes.  Your knowledge and dedication are inspiring.  And will help others move in this healthy direction.

We, at The Center, are thrilled as you take this next step on this incredible journey.  You have our complete support and best wishes for success!

Maryann & Susan


The SuperFoods concept of eating healthy and feeding our bodies with nutritious substances is a revolutionary and welcome event about to unfold in our area. - Mary A.


I found a source which was my friend Paul DiCamillo and gradually, he started to introduce me to his concept of healthy eating and for that I am forever thankful. - Jackie S.


Fabulous, fresh, healthy, delicious, energizing. Did I forget anything? - Theresa Sellitto


Delicious, healthy food and really great people. We got to sample lots of things too and everything was amazing! - Holly Stewart


So glad I had the opportunity to experience SuperFoods on my trip back home! We had the Shredded Turkey and the Veggie burger. Awesome! - Mikalea Seapoff


Had the black rice burgers tonight. AWESOME! WE LOVED THEM!!! - Larry Geiger


Paul's food is amazing. Lots of flavor for being so healthy. Unfortunately we think of healthy as bland and it is far from it. His baked goods are really good as well! - Judy Dingler


Tasty healthy food in a cool space. Love the veggie burgers, made with black rice. And the black banana bread. - Susan Troche


Took an informative workshop tasting the super foods that combat cancer...WOW, I learned so much! The food/recipes were delicious. I purchased extra frozen Black rice burgers, the sweet and the savory QuiChia seasoning for cancer fighting power all to share at home with my family! A great space and experience! - Rosemary Liana


We love Superfoods!! My kids all have allergies and my youngest has them the worst. He likes no food at all except the Turkey Marinara here. He ADORES it and requests constantly to go get it. He devours the whole thing! The rest of us love it too! And if you are a mom of several young children and need a great cup of coffee that will keep you going, this is the place to go. It's AMAZING! - Kerri Raynor


Best veggie burger and my five-year-old enjoyed it too! The banana bread is awesome as well! - India Williams


OBSESSED. Best veggie burger of my life, hands down. Delicious food made by kind people, good vibes, amazing health benefits- they have the total package. I am a regular, for sure. You can get their amazing veggie burgers frozen to take home. I also recommend the baked goods, they are vegan! Such a gem of a spot, I am so glad I found it. - Jessica Potter


Susan Carnright – The women at the Le Reve salon in Cherry Hill are in love with your food. Anything you desire to sell you can bring over on Fridays and they will purchase anything and everything that you show up with. - Susan Carnright